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Dependability… Trust… Customer Satisfaction… That’s been the Brantley way for 50 successful years!

The quality of our services and customer care has distinguished Brantley Bros. from the competition. Our sophisticated network of quality assurance systems and Brantley Bros. partnerships around the globe has allowed us to become one of the premier movers.

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We realize that moving can be stressful and problematic, but our relocation system increases comfort and reduces uneasiness. We carry with care! Our strategy is to take you through a step-by-step process, explain options and develop the best pre-move plan for the most cost effective relocation.

During a residential move, you can expect to experience:

  • A direct point of contact – A Brantley Bros. representative will be your personal contact throughout your relocation. Your representative lays the foundation to a successful and stress free move, providing move status, updates and addressing your moving concerns.

  • Masterful Teamwork – A team is hand chosen by specifications to your move. This team of workers will complement each other’s job capabilities and create a safer, more efficient and manageable relocation process.

  • Point-to-Point Service – Also known as “self haul & self pack”. The same moving professionals that pack your goods at your place of origin will be the same crew that will unpack your goods at your destination. This seamless service fosters a better relationship between you and the crewmen.

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